Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels, White, Double Roll, 6 Count

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  • Select-a-size paper towels make it easy to get just the amount you need to keep hands dry and surroundings clean
  • Two-ply paper towels are super soft and absorbent for easily wiping messes
  • Double-roll paper towels easily tackle any task
Keep your space clean and neat with Select-a-Size Paper Towels from Bounty. With a generous 110 sheets per roll, these select-a-size white paper towels give you plenty to clean up any mess, and the select-a-size perforations let you use just the amount you need. These two-ply paper towels are super soft and absorbent, great for keeping hands dry or wiping up messes around the house. Place them on your bathroom or kitchen counter to keep your surroundings clean and tidy.
Size: Double
Health Facts: Dye-free
Sheets Per Roll: 110
Disposability: Do not flush
Package Quantity: 6
Sustainability Claims: Recyclable

                       From the manufacturer

See Why Bounty Is the Quicker Picker Upper!

  • Why use more when you can use less?

Get More Life From Your Roll

  • Don’t be let down by bargain brand paper towels that tear and disappear in days. Try Bounty instead. Bounty is 2x more absorbent,* so you can pick up messes with as little as one sheet. And that means you don’t have to keep pulling on a roll of Bounty, because it can¬¬ last 50% longer. You'll spend more time doing the things you want and less time worrying about running out.

    *vs. the leading ordinary brand

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Do More With Bounty!

    • Bounty paper towels are so absorbent you can use them for a range of unexpected tasks, such as cleaning makeup brushes and jewelry.
    • Bounty paper towels are so durable you can use them in place of dish rags or sponges.
  • Dish sponges and rags leave a germy residue everywhere they touch. With Bounty, your durable paper towel goes right in the trash when you’re done. And it's 3x cleaner!*

    *than a germy dishcloth